Will Personal Umbrella Insurance Cover Family Injuries in Wellesley?

by Tom Vocatura on Oct 14, 2016 5:30:39 PM

Personal umbrella insurance provides robust coverages against a variety of potential risks and high limits that afford solid protection. Because of their coverages and limits, many residents in Wellesley opt to purchase these coverages. Most personal umbrella policies, however, won’t cover injuries that immediate family members suffer. They simply aren’t usually designed to insure against these injuries.

Personal Umbrella Insurance Wellesley MA

Your Personal Umbrella Insurance Likely Won’t Cover Injuries to Family Members Living with You in Wellesley

Personal Umbrella Insurance Protects Against Injuries Caused to Others

Personal umbrella insurance is generally designed to protect you against any liability related to harm that you cause to others. Harm may include injuries that are deemed your fault.

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As an example, assume that one morning you were having a banana for a snack at the office, and you missed the garbage pail when you went to throw away its peel. You didn’t notice that you’d missed the receptacle, though, and the peel remained on the tile floor all day. Later that afternoon, a coworker slipped on the peel, fell and broke their back. Because you’d forgotten your toothbrush, you had banana breath, and everyone knew you were responsible for the peel that caused the fall and injury.

In this scenario, you might be held liable for your coworker’s injuries. A personal umbrella policy might, however, help you pay the legal fees and settlement associated with the case so that the episode doesn’t wipe out your company-sponsored retirement plan. (Please Note: Whether Massachusetts’ laws would hold you responsible for a banana peel slipping accident and whether your umbrella insurance would cover the incident depend on many factors. You should talk with a lawyer or insurance agent to learn more about the particulars of banana peel slipping accidents in the state.)

Personal Umbrella Policies Usually Won’t Cover Family Members

If the same scenario happened at your Wellesley home, the insurance coverage offered by a personal umbrella policy would likely be different. In most cases, a personal umbrella policy won’t cover injuries caused to immediate family members. Family members are often considered policyholders. Umbrella insurance is designed to protect policyholders from lawsuits, not to pay their medical bills.Insurance Made Easy

To insure your family against injuries they sustain, you need a good medical insurance policy (and perhaps other policies). Medical insurance is the main kind of insurance that’s designed to insure policyholders in the event that they’re personally injured. A few other insurance policies, such as auto insurance policies, may also include coverage for policyholders who are hurt in specific situations.

Insurance Agents Serving Wellesley, MA Can Answer Questions

Umbrella insurance is a complex form of insurance that’s sometimes difficult to understand. If you have any questions about what yourpersonal umbrella insurance policy does and doesn’t cover, contact an independent insurance agent who serves Wellesley. Agents are familiar with the language included in insurance policies and can explain what protections your umbrella, health, auto and other insurance policies provide. If you need additional insurance, an independent agent can also help you compare policies from the insurers in Massachusetts. 

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