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Our SafeHerb program provides comprehensive, client-tailored insurance and risk solutions to the rapidly expanding cannabis industry in the United States. Our cannabis insurance specialist, Bill Perrier, is dedicated to achieving the highest standards of compliance across the country and creating the easiest pathway to being insured. If you grow, sell, or produce cannabis you will want to make sure your business is properly insured.

Our team, based in Massachusetts, is at the leading edge of the cannabis movement. When considering cannabis insurance coverage and affordability for your business, there's no one better than Charles River Insurance.

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Cannabis Insurance Massachusetts

What Types of Cannabis Insurance Coverage Do You Need?

Cargo Insurance for Cannabis TransportationCargo Insurance | Cannabis Insurance Massachusetts

Cargo Insurance provides coverage on the freight or commodity hauled by a for-hire transporter. It also covers your liability for cargo that is lost or damaged due to covered losses. In the cannabis space, this coverage is essential to any operation that frequently transports products to various locations. Get a Free Cargo Insurance Quote Today.


Crop Insurance for Cannabis GrowersCannabis Crop Insurance Massachusetts

Crop Insurance is purchased by agricultural producers and others to protect themselves against covered losses such as fire and lightning. This customized cannabis coverage is prepared to ensure that any grower or manufacturer can rest easy knowing that their plants are covered when the improbably occurs. Get a Free Crop Insurance Quote Now.


Commercial Property InsuranceCannabis Commercial Property Insurance Massachusetts

Commercial Property Insurance can protect your business in the event of a covered loss. Depending on the terms of your policy, commercial property insurance may cover natural disaster, theft, accidents and more. Property insurance for your cannabis business can protect your building, and your business’ physical assets. Get a Free Commercial Property Quote.


Liability Coverage for Cannabis and Hemp Businesses Across the Nation

Directors and Officers Liability

Liability Insurance for your Directors and Officers providesCannabis Liability Insurance Massachusetts coverage to the individuals or to the organization itself in the case of a legal action brought for alleged wrongful acts in their capacity. Operating a business in the cannabis industry can already be a handful complying to various rules and regulations. Don’t leave your business exposed to such a loss. Get a Free Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Quote Right Away!

General Liability

General Liability Insurance can protect your cannabis operations from a variety of third-party claims including bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and others that can arise from running a business. Our SafeHerb General Liability policy is crafted to meet the needs of all phases of the cannabis industry from seed to sale. Get a Free General Liability Quote for Your Cannabis Business.

Product Liability

Product Liability Insurance is a guarantee or warranty that protects businesses from the fallout that occurs in the event that a product causes injury or other damage to third parties. Even if a product is used incorrectly your cannabis business could still be liable for any damage that results. With little to no case law in the cannabis industry and an increasing rate of personal injury and product liability cases around the United States, this coverage is essential. You can get a free product liability quote for your cannabis business now!

Our SafeHerb Specialists Are Waiting to Help You With Your Cannabis Insurance Needs!

Cannabis insurance policies can offer additional coverage for your business. Your insurance needs could change as your business grows. At Charles River Insurance, our cannabis insurance professionals are on standby, ready to answer any questions you may have regarding the many cannabis insurance options available to you across the United States. We are ready to tailor-fit a plan for your business today. Please reach out to a cannabis industry professional today to discuss the insurance options necessary for your cannabis manufacturing or transportation business.

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Cannabis Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Have you got questions about how to get Cannabis Insurance? Charles River Insurance is ready to offer its expertise as industry leading insurance experts! Feel free to look through the frequently asked questions about cannabis insurance below, or simply contact us today with your cannabis insurance questions.

What is Cannabis Insurance?

The national cannabis industry is in its infancy, and businesses working in the industry have unique insurance needs. Cannabis insurance policies give dispensaries a range of important liability and property protections. Cannabis insurance is a highly specialized type of commercial insurance that’s designed to help mitigate the particular risks that marijuana dispensaries are exposed to. Most policies combine several coverages to help with a range of risks.

What Coverages Does Cannabis-Related Business Insurance Offer?

Most cannabis-related business insurance policies can be adjusted for a business’ particular situation, so policies don’t always have the same set of coverages. Nevertheless, there are a number of coverages that policies frequently offer as either standard or optional protections:

Does Cannabis-Related Business Insurance Include Workers Compensation Coverage?

Although most dispensaries in Massachusetts have employees and need workers compensation coverage, cannabis-related business insurance policies normally don’t include this coverage. Instead, workers compensation is typically purchased as a stand-alone policy. Insurance agents who are familiar with cannabis-related business policies can usually also assist with workers compensation coverage.

What Businesses Need Cannabis-Related Business Insurance?

Most marijuana dispensaries in Massachusetts should have a cannabis-related business policy. Not being insured leaves a business dangerously exposed to risk, and dispensaries will have a hard time finding all of the protections they need in other types of policies.

Are Cannabis Policies Expensive?

Cannabis policies usually aren’t the cheapest form of commercial insurance, but they provide great value for your buck. They tend to be well-priced for all of the protections they offer, and many dispensary owners are surprised at how affordable coverage can be. Of course, not all policies have the same premiums and not all dispensaries pay the same amounts. Dispensary owners can have an independent agent request quotes for policies to find out how much insurers will charge for covering their particular dispensary.

Can Segmented Marijuana Dispensary Businesses Get Insurance?

Many marijuana dispensary owners segment their business into distinct legal structures for tax-planning purposes. For example, a licensed dispensary owner might have one business that owns the building a dispensary is in, and another business that actually holds and dispenses the medical marijuana. While coverage can be procured in situations like these, dispensary owners must be careful to select the right insurance protections for each of their legal businesses. An insurance agent who specializes in cannabis policies will be able to make informed recommendations on what coverages might be appropriate for each legal entity.

How Can Dispensaries in Massachusetts Get Cannabis Insurance?

Because the national cannabis industry is so young, the insurance for this sector is still growing. Policies don’t always offer uniform coverages, and many insurance agents aren’t yet familiar with all the coverages that are available or appropriate. For these reasons, it’s particularly important to work with a specialized agent who does know the nuances of cannabis policies when purchasing insurance for a dispensary. For help insuring your Massachusetts dispensary, contact the knowledgeable agents at Charles River Insurance. Our agents are independent, and they know cannabis insurance. They’re the experts who can get your dispensary the coverages it needs.

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Cannabis Insurance Massachusetts

Cannabis Industry Related Partners

Cannabis insurance is important to your success as a Cannabis industry professional. At Charles River Insurance, we also understand how difficult it can be to find reliable partners in the cannabis space. As independent insurance agents, we have a unique view of businesses and their internal workings. If partners are listed below, they have earned our trust and recommendation as cannabis industry-related partners.  

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ACCCE-AllianceMember-CannabisRiskManagementlgeAssociation of Certified Commercial Cannabis Experts

We are proud members of the Association of Certified Commercial Cannabis Experts, which strengthens our knowledge and further engrains our services into the Cannabis industry.

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