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When an accident happens, someone could be injured or killed, or property be damaged. If an accident happens on your Massachusetts commercial property or due to your operations, you could be held legally liable for the expenses associated with these losses. To better protect your company, you need general liability insurance to help cover these costs.

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General Liability Insurance Coverage

Businesses can face risk from many directions. When accidental injury or damage occurs, your business may be faced with lawsuits or legal settlements to repay the injured party. Some common situations faced by Massachusetts businesses include:

  • A customer becoming injured due to a slip and fall accident in your store, restaurant, or parking lot.
  • Damage to a customer’s home during a delivery.
  • Copyright infringement.
  • Damage to your rented office space.

A general liability insurance policy provides broad protections to cover the expenses associated with these and other situations.


Because all businesses face the risk of accidental injury or damage, experts recommend that all virtually all businesses carry a general liability policy. This important coverage helps with expenses including:

  • Court costs
  • Defense costs
  • Settlements
  • Medical payments

A general liability policy covers a wide range of situations including medical payments for physical injuries, property that is damaged as part of your business operations, libel, slander, and copyright infringement. However, not every situation will be covered by a general liability policy. Your insurance agent can help you understand the limitations of your policy, and may suggest you invest in other liability coverage, such as professional liability or product liability to cover other specific circumstances.

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Affordable Massachusetts Coverage

Since general liability coverage is so essential for many businesses, insurance carriers strive to make it an affordable and valuable product. Discounts can be obtained for operating a safe business with safety training, protocols, and following best practices. These can help reduce your premium costs as well as your risk for accidents.

Massachusetts General Liability Insurance

Additional Coverage Protection

For small and medium businesses in MA, a business owners policy may be an affordable option. These package policies combine general liability and property damage coverage, and can be customized to include other insurance policies specific to your risk profile. By combining these important coverage options, you are able to obtain a lower price while still receiving the financial protection you need.

Operating a safe business is a top priority for Massachusetts business owners. Despite best practices, accidents can still happen, causing injuries and property damage. When this happens, your business can be held legally liable, accumulating legal fees, settlements, and other expenses. General liability insurance helps to provide financial protection against a broad range of common risks, helping to protect your business when accidents occur.

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