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What is Car Insurance?

Whenever drivers get into an automobile, they assume a certain level of risk. Every day, thousands of drivers are in collisions while behind the wheel. The vast majority of Massachusetts drives will be in at least one accident during their lifetime, if not several accidents. Car insurance policies help drivers and their passengers financially recover from accidents they’re involved in.

Should a driver be involved in an accident and not have insurance, they may have no financial resources to help pay for damage their vehicle sustains or medical care they need. Additionally, drivers who are responsible for an accident might personally be held financially responsible for property damage or injuries that others sustain in the accident. To help protect themselves from these potential financial consequences, most drivers ought to have a car insurance policy that provides robust protections.

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What Coverages Are Included in Auto Policies?

Because drivers are exposed to multiple risks, the vast majority of auto policies are “package policies” that combine several individual coverages into a single policy. Some of the individual coverages that an auto policy might have are:

  • Bodily Injury Liability Coverage, which may cover injuries sustained by people outside of the policyholder’s vehicle
  • Personal Injury Protection, which may cover injuries sustained by the policyholder and their passengers
  • Property Damage Liability Coverage, which may cover damage sustained by other people’s property
  • Comprehensive and Collisions Coverage, which may cover damage sustained by the policyholder’s vehicle
  • Underinsured and Uninsured Motorist Coverage, which may cover accidents caused by improperly insured drivers

Along with these coverages, lots of auto policies also offer rental car reimbursement coverage and emergency roadside assistance as optional protections.

Who in Massachusetts Needs Auto Insurance?

Drivers in Massachusetts generally have to have auto insurance coverage that at least meets the state’s minimum requirements. This is normally true regardless of whether a driver owns a vehicle.

While Massachusetts has legally mandated insurance coverages, these shouldn’t be mistaken for recommendations. Drivers typically must get at least this amount of coverage, but many drivers choose to purchase more coverages so that they’re better protected.

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Why Do Drivers Need Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage?

Having state laws regarding auto insurance doesn’t mean every driver heeds the law and purchases the legally required amount of coverage. Some drivers fail to properly insure themselves, and they frequently don’t have the resources needed to self-insure.

If a driver who lacks sufficient insurance coverage causes an accident, they might not have enough money to compensate affected parties. In situations like these, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage may help cover any property damage or injuries sustained in the accident.

How Do Insurers Calculate Auto Premiums?

Insurance companies take into account many different factors when they calculate auto insurance premiums. Some of the items they may consider include:

  • A drivers’ gender, age and marital status
  • A drivers’ past driving rector (including any moving violations or reported accidents)
  • The year, make and model of a driver’s vehicle
  • Where a driver’s vehicle is parked when it’s not in use
  • What coverages a driver selects

How Can Drivers Get Car Insurance?

For help finding an affordable car insurance policy that offers excellent protection, drivers should contact an independent insurance agent in Massachusetts. An independent agent will be able to help decide what auto insurance coverages a driver should have, and they can quickly request quotes from different insurers for policies that provide those coverages. Because an independent agent isn't beholden to any one insurance company, they can find the insurer that will offer the best protection at the most affordable rate.

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