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What is Day Spa Insurance?

Day spas are exposed to an array of potential risks, ranging from vandalism and fire to false advertising claims and liability lawsuits. Day spa insurance helps Massachusetts salons and spas protect themselves from many of the risks they face.

Day spa insurance is a specialized type of commercial insurance that has been uniquely designed to meet the insurance needs of spas. Most policies are written as package policies that bundle multiple coverages together, and spas can often select which coverages they’d like included in a policy.

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What Massachusetts Businesses Need Salon Spa Insurance?

Most day spas and salons in Massachusetts should have a salon spa insurance policy. This type of insurance is usually the most well-suited commercial insurance for salons and day spas, and not carrying coverage can leave businesses dangerously exposed to expensive risks.

(While medical spas may have some insurance needs that are similar to day spas’ needs, salon spa policies normally don’t provide the specialized medical protections that medical spas need. Medical spas usually need medical spa policies, which are specialized for them, rather than salon spa policies.

Day Spa Insurance Massachusetts

What Coverages Do Salon Spa Insurance Policies Provide?

Since day spas and salons typically can make coverage selections when purchasing a salon spa insurance policy, the coverages included in these policies can vary. Depending on what’s offered and selected, a particular policy might come with the following protections:

These are just some of the many coverages that policies might come with. For assistance sorting through the many different coverage options, spas should seek the expertise of an agent who specializes in salon spa insurance. A specialized agent will be able to explain different coverages and make informed recommendations.

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Do Day Spa Policies Cover Off-Site Massages?

Some day spa policies might provide coverage for off-site massages, but not all policies include such protections. Reviewing a particular policy’s terms and conditions with an insurance agent can help spas determine whether that policy would cover such a service.

How Much Do Day Spa Policies Cost?

Insurance companies consider many factors when setting day spa policies’ premiums, and rates frequently vary from one policy to another. Some of the factors that often impact how much policies cost include the:

  • Services offered by a business

  • Address where a business is located

  • Size of a business’ staff

  • Coverages and limits selected by a business

  • Past claims history of a business

An independent insurance agent can help spas determine how much policies that meet their coverage needs cost. Unlike agents who are captive to one insurer, independent agents are able to compare quotes from several different companies so that spas can compare how much different insurers would charge.

Day Spa Insurance Massachusetts

How Can Day Spas in Massachusetts Find Day Spa Insurance?

To get help selecting a day spa insurance policy for your Massachusetts day spa or salon, contact the independent insurance agents at Charles River Insurance. Our agents have worked with many day spas in the state, and they have the knowledge necessary to help you find a policy that’s right for your business.

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