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Many arborists are experts in taking down trees, but even experts make mistakes occasionally. If a tree falls the wrong way – both literally and figuratively – the damage and injuries caused can be disastrous. Tree service insurance helps Massachusetts arborists and others in the tree service industry financially protect themselves in case they’re ever found responsible for an accident.

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What is Tree Service Insurance?

Tree service insurance, or arborist insurance, is a form of commercial insurance that’s specifically designed to protect arborists and other tree service professionals from the potential risks they face. Most tree service policies are package policies, meaning they contain several individual policies that are bundled together. The individual policies in a tree service policy can often be customized to meet an individual or company’s needs.

Tree Service Insurance Massachusetts

What Risks Are Arborists and Other Tree Service Professionals Exposed To?

Arborists and other tree service professionals working in Massachusetts face a host of potential risks. Of course, a falling tree could cause property damage, injure someone, or even kill a person. In addition to these potential incidents, arborists may also:

  • Be in a car accident on the way to or from a job site
  • Have their vehicle, equipment, or tools stolen while on a job site
  • Injure someone nearby if equipment malfunctions
  • Injure themselves while working on a tree or shrub
  • Be sued for providing incorrect landscaping advice

What Coverages Does Arborist Insurance Provide?

Arborist insurance policies offer a number of possible coverages that can protect against these and other perils. In general, most of the coverages that policies provide can be separated into liability policies, which may help protect an arborist or tree service company if they’re found responsible for an incident, and commercial property policies, which can help protect an individual or company’s property.

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Some common liability coverages that many arborists and tree service companies consider include the following:

Some examples of property coverages that an arborist or tree service company might want are:

  • Business Property Insurance, which may cover equipment and tools when they’re not in transit to job sites
  • Inland Marine Insurance, which might cover equipment and tools while they’re being taken to and from job sites
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage, which might help pay to repair equipment if it breaks down due to a covered incident

In addition to these coverages, a policy might also include commercial vehicle insurance, workers compensation insurance, and business interruption insurance.

Tree Service Insurance Massachusetts

What Businesses in Massachusetts Need Arborist Insurance?

Most individuals and companies that tend to trees and shrubs in Massachusetts should have some form of arborist insurance. This includes people and companies that provide:

  • Tree trimming and pruning
  • Tree removal
  • Municipal tree care
  • Hardscaping services
  • Landscaping services
  • Tree pest management

The exact protections that a person or company should have will depend on the type of work. For instance, a company that tends to the trees in Boston, MA, a tree pest management service in Framingham, MA, and an individual who trims trees in Northampton, MA all have different needs. Everyone in the industry ought to be protected from the risks they face, though.

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How Can Arborists and Other Tree Service Professionals Get Tree Service Insurance?

Arborists and tree service professionals in Massachusetts who would like to review their current insurance protections or look for more comprehensive coverage can contact an independent insurance agent who specializes in tree service insurance and is licensed in the state. A knowledgeable, licensed agent who has worked with other individuals and companies in the tree service industry will be familiar with the risks that arborists and other professionals face, and they’ll know how to best insure against those risks.

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