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What is Product Liability Insurance?

Product liability insurance helps provide protection against covered liability lawsuits related to product issues. Generally, a business may be held responsible for any property damage or bodily injury their products cause if the damage or harm is found to be caused by one of three things:

  • A production or manufacturing flaw
  • A defect in the product’s design
  • A deficiency in the instructions or warnings included with the product

A product liability policy may help a business defend itself against such accusations and, if found responsible, pay the necessary settlement.

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What Businesses Need Product Liability Coverage?

Because many businesses can be sued over a product defect, many different businesses should consider a product liability policy. Manufacturers of products, of course, often need a product liability policy. Actual manufacturers are far from the only businesses that can benefit from this type of insurance, though. Other businesses that might want a product liability policy include the following:

  • Wholesalers and other resellers of products, as they may also be sued over a product defect
  • Companies that repair products, as they may be sued over a product they’ve worked on
  • Companies that transport products, as they may be held responsible for any product flaw caused by damage sustained while the product was in transit
Product Liability Insurance Massachusetts

In a few cases, product liability coverage falls within the realm of general liability insurance. These instances are rare, though. The vast majority of businesses that make or sell products in Massachusetts ought to purchase both a general liability and a product liability policy.Start The Conversation!

What Products Does a Product Liability Policy Cover?

Most product liability policies cover all of the products that a business makes or sells. Some policies have exclusions, though, so it’s important to read through all of a policy’s terms and conditions to make sure it covers all of your business’ products.

Product Liability Insurance Massachusetts

How Can Massachusetts Businesses Get a Product Liability Policy?

Since product liability insurance is a somewhat complicated form of insurance, businesses should talk with a an independent insurance agent in Massachusetts who specializes in commercial insurance. Such an agent will be able to review your business’ product liability coverage needs, and an independent agent can compare all of the policies available to find one that includes the protections your company needs.

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Businesses that manufacture products are exposed to risk long beyond when they sell their product. If a product ever causes harm or damage, the maker of the product might be sued. A successful lawsuit can easily bankrupt a well-established business, and even unsuccessful suits can be extremely expensive to defend. Product liability insurance helps protect businesses in Massachusetts that manufacture products from these potential lawsuits.

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