Sudbury Residents: Defend Yourselves with Personal Umbrella Insurance

by Tom Vocatura on Jul 28, 2016 10:10:56 PM

In Massachusetts, just like in all other 49 states, anyone can sue anyone for almost any reason. Even if the ultimate ruling goes in your favor, simply being accused of something and forced to defend yourself in court can be expensive. For Sudbury residents, a personal umbrella insurance policy from an insurance company serving the area can provide protection from many frivolous, but potentially expensive, lawsuits.Personal Umbrella Policy Sudbury Massachusetts

A Personal Umbrella Insurance Policy Can Help Protect Sudbury Residents from Frivolous Lawsuits

Virtually Everyone is at Risk of Being Named in a Frivolous Lawsuit

Because there aren’t many constraints in the United States that limit what people can sue others over, virtually everyone in Sudbury is at risk of potentially being named in a frivolous lawsuit. Baristas can be charged with serving coffee that’s too hot, delivery drivers can be sued over leaving packages on doorways that trip people, and dry cleaners can be charged with ruining clothes. Nebraska state senator Ernie Chambers even sued God, NBC News reported. 

Although these lawsuits are sometimes silly, they’re also sometimes not cheap. Attorney costs and other legal fees quickly add up, making even a minor case in which you’re not found guilty potentially expensive.

A Personal Umbrella Insurance Policy Provides Protection Against Many Suits

With a personal umbrella insurance policy, you can help to protect yourself and your family against many unnecessary lawsuits. Umbrella policies include broad coverages that extend beyond those named in other personal insurance policies, such as homeowners, auto, and boat insurance policies. These broad coverages often include lawsuits filed against you.

As is the case with any insurance policy, a lawsuit must meet your umbrella policy’s terms and conditions to be covered. Most umbrella policies have generous terms and conditions, though, that covers lots of potential scenarios in which you or your family members could be sued.

The protection that an umbrella insurance policy provides usually begins the moment you’re charged with a covered lawsuit. Since your insurer would likely have to pay the settlement if you’re found guilty in a covered lawsuit, they’ll often defend you in court. If you’re charged in a lawsuit that’s covered by your umbrella policy, which many are, your attorney costs and legal fees will likely be paid by your insurer.

Get an Umbrella Policy from a Sudbury, MA Insurance Agent

If you don’t already have a personal umbrella insurance policy, talk with an insurance agent who services Sudbury about the benefits of one. They can review the policies that are available to you and explain in detail what types of lawsuits they’d protect you against. They can also explain the many other coverages that are included in a particular policy’s terms and conditions. Once you’ve found a policy that will provide the protection you need against covered suits, the agent you’re working with can easily sign you up -- before you serve another coffee, give another haircut, clean another pair of trousers, or otherwise potentially expose yourself to a frivolous claim.

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