Life Insurance for Sudbury Stay-at-Homes: Parents That Need Coverage

by Tom Vocatura on Nov 21, 2016 8:30:02 PM

Many Sudbury, Massachusetts parents who work outside the home have life insurance so that their families will be better provided for if they ever pass away. Parents who stay at home, however, don’t always have this kind of insurance. Even though they may not bring home a paycheck each week, parents who stay at home should still consider getting a policy. Here’s why:

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Is Life Insurance a Good Idea for Stay at Home Parents in Sudbury?

Parents Who Remain Home Still Help Their Family’s Finances

Parents who don’t have a traditional job may not add to their family’s income, but they often still contribute to their family’s finances. Sometimes, their contribution can be significant, even as much as a typical job would provide.

Specifically, parents who look after their children during the day save the family a lot of money. Childcare in Sudbury can cost thousands of dollars a month, especially for families that have several children who would need to be watched. By looking after their children, parents who stay at home can save their families tens of thousands of dollars each year.

(Watching children doesn’t even include other activities that parents can do to help save their families money, which can further contribute to their families finances.)

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Parents Need Life Insurance to Provide If They Can’t

Just as parents who contribute to their family’s finances by bringing home a paycheck need life insurance, parents who contribute by saving their family money also need a policy. They need a policy that will help their family’s finances if they ever pass away.

The money that a policy provides won’t ease the emotional burden of losing a parent. It will help a family continue on with their daily routines, though. In a time that is extremely difficult, a policy can at least ease financial burdens and concerns.

Term Insurance is Affordable

Purchasing a policy doesn’t need to cost too much. Term insurance extremely affordable, and it can be purchased for as many years as a parent expects to be watching their children.

For instance, a stay-at-home parent of young children can purchase 10- or 15-year term policies. When their children are in their teen years and no longer need all-day supervision, the policy can be terminated, and premiums won’t have to be paid. Because these policies are for a finite amount of time, premiums are typically lower than those for whole life policies and very affordable.We Can Help You Save!

Consult with an Insurance Agent in Sudbury, MA

If you watch children at home, talk with an insurance agent who serves the Sudbury area about getting a term life insurance policy. They’ll be able to help you determine how much coverage you should purchase, and they can help you find the most affordable coverage available.

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