Tips for New Parents Considering Life Insurance in Dover, MA

by Tom Vocatura on Jul 13, 2016 12:32:19 PM

Getting life insurance in Dover is one of those things that many people put off. However, once you begin a new family it should become a priority. If you’re starting a family or already have young ones, you might like to learn a little more about this coverage and how it may apply to your current situation.Life Insurance Dover

Life Insurance Could Be Helpful to New Parents in Dover

From the moment you learn you’re expecting your first child, you’ll start thinking how you’ll care for it, and you’ll start to wonder if is it time to check into a whole or term policy you’ve been thinking about.

Buying an insurance policy as young parents can have its advantages. For many folks, it may give you the opportunity to protect your family financially and cover bills after your passing.

How Does a Life Insurance Policy Work in Dover?

You can decide to purchase a policy from any number of companies. Basically, you purchase a policy and provide a list of beneficiaries that will receive a payout from the policy when the policy holder passes. Frequently, parents may choose to list beneficiaries as surviving spouses and their children.

Policy holders pay premiums determined by the cost of the coverage their purchasing, their age and profile. Essentially, the profile is a rough estimate of whether you’ll pass on while the policy is still in effect.

People buy policies for all kinds of reasons. Some people are concerned that after their passing, their families will no longer have the income they once supplied.  Therefore, many people like the thought of having enough money to pay for college, pay off credit cards, mortgages, and funeral expenses after they die.

Determine How You Could Benefit From a Policy

To determine the coverage you need for life insurance in Dover, itemize a list of expenses or major bills you wish to pay off using the policy. For example, with a little research, you could probably come up with a close estimate of the cost for your children’s education.  With a few phone calls, you could get a rough idea of burial, cremation costs, and funeral expenses.

In essence, by determining what you need to use the money for, you’ll learn roughly how much coverage is needed for paying bills and still leave your loved ones with ample money to live on for the future.

Term Insurance

Term policies are usually purchased for a term of 10, 2,0 or 30 years. They help to pay beneficiaries when an insured passes away during the term. These are recommended for people interested in an insurance plan to pay off bills and replace part of lost income after the insured passes.

Whole Insurance

This type of policy pays regardless of health or age.  A whole policy also pays a death benefit, but the plan also accumulates cash, which may be withdrawn or borrowed against.

Who Should You Insure?

It’s recommended that both parents take out a policy if both contribute to the mortgage, child care, and other household expenses.

Is Insurance Affordable?

Purchasing term life insurance in Dover may require a physical, but it doesn’t require a credit check or a specific amount of savings or assets. Term policies typically cost less to buy than whole and are cheaper if you’re in your 20's versus 30's or 40's. Many plans are affordable. Be sure to factor in premium increases that may be applicable.

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