5 Tips to Reduce Your Homeowners Insurance Premiums in Framingham, MA

by Tom Vocatura on Mar 27, 2017 12:05:40 PM

Insurance companies that offer homeowners policies in Massachusetts offer discounts for a range of different preventative actions. If you own a home in Framingham, Massachusetts, here are five actions you might be able to take to get a discount on your homeowners insurance premiums.

Homeowners Insurance Framingham, MA

Taking These 5 Actions May Help Homeowners in Framingham, MA Reduce Their Homeowners Insurance Premiums

1. Install Deadbolts on Exterior Doors

One of the main perils that home insurance protects against is theft, and many insurers offer discounts for actions that deter thieves. Even something as simple as installing deadbolts might be worthy of a discount. Installing deadbolts might not get you a huge discount, but the money you save may end up being more than the cost of the deadbolts. Plus, they’ll help reduce the risk of having items stolen from your home.

Insurance Made Easy2. Have a Home Security System

Putting in a home security system may net you an even larger discount, depending on what insurer you have a home insurance policy with and what type of system you get. In general, monitored home security systems are awarded bigger discounts than unmonitored ones, but monitored systems often cost more, too. Additionally, not all security systems are approved for discounts by all insurers.

To make sure you get the biggest possible discount possible for a home security system, ask your Framingham, MA insurance agent to look up what specific systems your insurer offers discounts for and how much those discounts are.

Homeowners Insurance Framingham, MA

3. Turn (At Least) 55 and Retire

This isn’t a discount that everyone can qualify for, and it’s not as common as some other home insurance discounts. Several insurers in Massachusetts, however, offer discounts to policyholders who are at least 55 years old and are retired. The reasoning behind this discount is usually that retirees spend more time at home and, therefore, are less likely to be burglarized and more likely to quickly notice a house fire.

If you’ve turned 55 or retired since you initially purchased your home insurance policy, ask your agent if your insurance provider offers this type of discount.

4. Get At Least Two Policies from the Same Massachusetts Insurer

Most insurance companies in Massachusetts offer multi-policy discounts, and these discounts can be quite substantial. If you don’t have at least two policies with the insurance company that you purchased home insurance from, adding another policy could qualify you for this discount. In most cases, any additional personal insurance policy will be sufficient.Want to Chat?

5. Stop Smoking, And Don’t Let Others Smoke Indoors

Stopping smoking is good for your health and, thus, can help you qualify for a significant health insurance discount. Because quitting smoking reduces the risk of a house fire, it may also help you qualify for a non-smoking discount on homeowners insurance as well. Usually, in order to qualify for this discount, no one in the home can smoke, and visitors can’t be allowed to smoke on the property either. 

Ask Your Framingham, MA Homeowners Insurance Agent About Discounts

Insurers don’t all offer the same discounts. Some may not even offer all of these discounts, and many will offer other discounts that aren’t mentioned here.

To make sure you get every discount possible on your homeowners insurance premiums, ask your Framingham, MA independent insurance agent for a complete list of the discounts that your insurance provider offers. They’ll be able to obtain a list for you, so you can review it with them and see if there are any other discounts you might be able to qualify for.

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