6 Unusual Things Homeowners Insurance Does Cover for Dover Residents

by Tom Vocatura on May 31, 2016 1:10:44 PM

It's common knowledge that homeowners insurance covers things like fire damage and burglaries, which is important since you could lose nearly everything without proper coverage, but there are a few events that many policies cover that you may have never given a second thought. Dover residents are relatively safe from the things on this list, but it is nice to know that in the unlikely event that something below does happen, your insurance policy may have you covered.

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Unlikely Events That May be Covered by Homeowners Insurance in Dover

1. Meteorite Strike

While the chances of you or your home being hit by a meteorite are literally astronomically low, it has happened in the past. Many policies cover damage to your home caused by a meteorite or other heavenly body. If the damage is bad enough, it may also cover lodging expenses for you while your home is being repaired. 

2. Hurricanes

Though not unheard of, hurricanes do in fact strike Massachusetts, the last one being Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Even though the greatest damage from hurricanes generally happens right on the coast, strong winds can still reach far enough inland to affect Dover. It is important to note that while wind and hail damage from a hurricane is usually covered under an insurance policy, flood damage is not.

3. Tornadoes

Another relatively rare weather phenomenon for eastern MA, tornadoes can strike with little warning and can completely destroy houses in a matter of seconds. Even though the tornadoes that form this far east are relatively weak compared to a Midwestern tornado, they can still cause millions of dollars worth of property damage. Your insurance policy may cover property lost in a tornado, as well as repairs/rebuilding costs, minus the deductible.

4. Volcanic Eruptions

You'll never see a volcano eruption around Boston, but most homeowners insurance policies cover them anyway. This coverage can be useful for people who live close to an active volcano, but it can even affect people who live hundreds of miles away, where ash can fall and cause property damage. Don't count on ever needing this extra coverage, but it's an interesting aspect of insurance policies you do not hear about very often.

5. Falling Debris

Airplanes flying overhead have been known to lose chunks of ice or other debris in the course of a flight. Though it does not happen often, a relatively heavy piece of debris can find its way through the roof of a house and cause some serious damage.  Even man-made space debris has caused property damage in the past, though never on a large scale. Either way, your homeowners policy may keep you protected in the unlikely event a chunk of ice punches a hole in your roof, or the Hubble Telescope decides to pay your house a visit.

6. Animal Damage

Animal actions are sometimes covered by your policy if you do not own the animals in question. In the unlikely event of a stampede through your yard, your insurance may pick up the tab for damage done to your lawn, landscaping and exterior portions of your home. The far more likely scenario of a dog biting you or someone else is relatively complicated, since some breeds would be covered and some would not. For those issues, it would be best to talk with an insurance agent to find out more.

Homeowners Insurance Can Help Protect Dover Residents

Keeping your homeowners insurance policy updated is important in order to maintain an adequate level of coverage for your home and possessions. Though Dover is relatively safe from most types of disasters, it's always better to have that peace of mind that comes along with knowing you are covered should the unthinkable occur.

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This material is for informational purposes only. All statements herein are subject to the provision, exclusions and conditions of the applicable policy. For an actual description of all coverages, terms and conditions, refer to the insurance policy. 

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