Marlborough Commercial Auto Insurance: 3D Printing & Costs

by Tom Vocatura on Jul 22, 2016 12:12:56 PM

According to many experts, we are now entering an entirely new era of technology. If you keep up with advancements in the technology industry, it is more likely than not that you are inclined to agree. Even if you don't keep up with technological developments, chances are you have heard about 3D printing, which is all the rage in the technology industry.Commercial Auto Insurance Marlborough

Not only has 3D printing radically changed the technology industry, but it also has the potential to change and transform the automobile industry. In fact, 3D printing has served as a major catalyst for change in the auto industry already. If it is probable that 3D printing will revolutionize the automobile industry in and around Marlborough, it follows that 3D printing will also likely have a major impact on auto insurance, especially commercial auto insurance, and business insurance as a whole.

3D Printing and the Commercial Auto Insurance Industry for Marlborough Companies

For many people, the connection between 3D printing and the automobile industry is not readily apparent. This is because 3D printers are typically used to create relatively small products, such as toys, jewelry, and tableware. However, 3D printers are perfectly capable of manufacturing larger products. For example, car parts and accessories for vehicles can be printed with 3D printers. These car parts and accessories can then be used to either assemble an entire vehicle from scratch or to contribute to an already partially assembled vehicle.

As of now, it is possible to manufacture an entire car from scratch within two days with a 3D printer. The main disadvantage is that while a 3D printer can print car parts exceptionally quickly, it cannot aid much in the assembly of the vehicle. In the future, as advancements are made when it comes to the process of 3D printing, it is possible that all car manufacturers will use 3D printers to make and assemble their vehicles from scratch without direct human input.

Thanks to 3D printing, individual consumers and organizations may be able to order a brand new vehicle online or over the phone and have it delivered to their home in just a week or so. Consumers and organizations may also be able to have the brand new vehicle designed to their personal specifications when it comes to aesthetics, performance, and even safety. More practical consumers may be able to pick and choose desired safety features for their vehicle based on how the vehicle is intended to be use while other consumers will be able to change the aesthetics of their vehicle so that they can drive a vehicle that reflects their personal style or the image of their brand.

How 3D Printing Will Impact the Cost of Commercial Auto Insurance for Marlborough Businesses

If 3D printing grants consumers and organizations the ability to choose the safety features of the vehicles they purchase, this will undoubtedly bring major changes to the commercial auto insurance industry. The cost of commercial insurance for automobiles depends mainly on the estimated risk of the occurrence of accidents or damage to a vehicle.

Since safety features typically reduce the chance of accidents and damage, auto insurance companies serving Marlborough, MA may be willing to offer discounts to policyholders who own commercial vehicles with these safety features. 3D printing will undoubtedly allow policyholders to more readily and easily select these safety features for their vehicles to take advantage of these discounts. Best of all, policyholders should be able to pick and choose the safety features most relevant to the regular use of the commercial vehicle.

As you can see, 3D printing has the potential to bring major changes to how we approach the automobile and commercial auto insurance industry. If you would like more information about potential changes to come to the auto insurance industry, don't hesitate to contact a local insurance agent serving Marlborough, MA!

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