Will Auto Insurance Cover Wayland Drivers Who Have Expired Licenses?

by Tom Vocatura on Oct 17, 2016 5:00:38 PM

Driving with an expired license is illegal, and residents of Wayland, Massachusetts who do it can face serious legal consequences. In addition to these consequences, drivers also sometimes compromise their auto insurance coverage when they get behind the wheel without a current license. If you ever drive with an expired license and are in an accident, here’s a look at whether your auto policy would provide coverage.

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Will Wayland, MA Drivers Who Are in Accidents and Have Expired Licenses Be Covered by Their Auto Insurance?

Most Auto Insurance Policies Are Active Until a Cancellation Notice is Sent

Under normal conditions, an auto insurance policy is active and provides coverage until it’s cancelled by either the policyholder or the insurer.

If you’ve ever changed from one insurer to another, you’ve cancelled a policy before. You, your insurance agent, or the new insurer you signed on with, told your old insurer that you no longer wanted their policy. Once the insurer was notified, the policy was cancelled and no longer provided coverage.

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Similarly, your insurer can cancel your policy by notifying you of the cancellation. Usually, a notification is sent via mail, although some companies may send email notifications to policyholders who opted in to receive documents electronically. Once you receive a cancellation notice, your policy has been cancelled.

Your insurer may send you a cancellation notice once they learn that your license is expired. If they do, then your policy will not longer cover any accidents your in after the date of the cancellation.

Alternatively, your insurer might not cancel your policy -- even after they learn that you have an expired policy. If they don’t send you a cancellation notice, your policy may still cover you when you’re driving. Whether it does or not, will depend on your policy’s terms and conditions.

Some Wayland Residents’ Auto Policies Have Clauses About Expired Licenses

Even if your insurer doesn’t send you a cancellation notice, your insurance coverage may still be compromised. Some auto policies have clauses in their terms and conditions that either exclude coverage if a driver’s license is expired or require drivers to have a current license. Both clauses could leave you unprotected if you drive when your license is expired.Want to Chat?

If your policy doesn’t have any such clause, and you haven’t received a cancellation notice from your insurer, you may still have coverage. You should still get your license reinstate quickly, because your insurer could send a cancellation notice to your Wayland home any day (not to mention that you could also face a hefty fine if you're caught driving without a current license).

Contact Your Insurance Agent Quickly

If your license ever expires, contact your insurance agent as soon as possible. They can’t assist with any fines or charges you face, but they can help you figure out your insurance coverage. They’ll work with you to help you find out whether you’re still covered, and they’ll help you find out whether your rates will go up. Often, premiums increase after a license expires, but your agent will be able to help you get as affordable a policy as possible.

You may be embarrassed or scared to contact your agent, but there’s no reason to be. You likely won’t be the first Wayland resident who’s had their license expire, and you won’t be the last one, either. Your auto insurance agent is on your side. They’ve helped many other drivers, and they’re ready to help you.

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