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A couple’s wedding day is meant to be one of the most special days in their lives, a day where everything goes perfectly and all is ideal. Not everything always goes perfectly, though. Occasionally, wedding plans go awry or incidents occur during weddings. Wedding insurance can help ensure Massachusetts couples are protected even if something happens on their wedding day.

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What is Wedding Insurance?

Wedding insurance is a form of special event coverage that’s uniquely designed for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Coverage is normally purchased by whoever pays for the wedding, which may be the bride and groom, a family member, or a combination of people.

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What Types of Protection Do Wedding Policies Provide?

Broadly speaking, there are two types of wedding policies: wedding liability insurance policies, and wedding postponement or cancellation policies. A person or couple may purchase one or both types of coverage.

Wedding liability insurance policies are designed to protect the host of the wedding (who is usually the person paying for the wedding) from a variety of potential liability lawsuits. If a person is injured at a wedding, for example, the host might be sued and held financially responsible for the injuries. Similarly, the host might be sued if a person’s property is damaged during the wedding ceremony or reception. Wedding liability insurance can help hosts pay legal fees and settlements associated with covered lawsuits that might arise from these or other situations.

Wedding postponement or cancellation insurance provides a completely different type of protection. It can help provide reimbursements for paid expenses that are lost if a wedding is postponed or canceled due to a covered reason. (Reimbursements are, of course, awarded according to a policy’s terms, conditions and exclusions. The exact expenses that a policy will reimburse can vary).

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In addition to these general coverages, wedding policies can also provide specific coverage for particular risks. These coverages are often added on through riders or endorsements. Depending on the particulars of their wedding, a couple might want any of the following riders or endorsements:

  • Liquor Liability Coverage, which might provide protection from lawsuits involving alcohol-related incidents
  • Wedding Photographer or Videographer Coverage, which may pay to reassemble your wedding party for a photo shoot if there’s an issue with the photography on your wedding day
  • Special Attire Coverage, which might provide money to replace gowns or tuxedos that are lost or damaged before the wedding day
  • Cake and Catering Coverage, which may cover the cost of purchasing last-minute cakes or food if your baker or caterer fails to show up
  • Wedding Gift Insurance, which might protect gifts from theft if they aren’t covered by another insurance policy (e.g. homeowners insurance or renters insurance)
  • Military Service Coverage, which might provide reimbursements for deposits if the bride or groom is in the armed forces and called to duty

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What Factors Impact the Price of a Wedding Policy?

Insurers consider a number of factors when they’re calculating quotes for wedding policies. Some things that can affect how much a particular Massachusetts couple’s wedding policy will cost include:

  • The size of their wedding
  • The location of their wedding
  • Whether they’ll be offering alcohol to guests
  • How many coverages and what limits the couple selects

Because several factors affect wedding policies’ premiums, Massachusetts couples often end up paying different amounts for wedding policies. For instance, a couple having a small, inexpensive wedding in Northampton, MA will likely pay a little less than a couple that’s having a destination wedding in Boston, MA. Most couples, however, are able to find affordable coverage that fits within their wedding budget.

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How Can Couples in Massachusetts Shop for Wedding Insurance?

Couples in Massachusetts that want to ensure they’re protected on their big day should contact an independent insurance agent who’s licensed in the state. An independent agent will be able to help a couple decide what coverages they want and find a wedding insurance policy that provides those coverages.

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